PalmFat S100 is a bypass fat powder for ruminants created from fractionated palm fat with no trans fatty acid. It's full of C16 (Palmitic Acid). As a triglyceride, it includes the pure proportion of glycerol.

C 16 fat nutritional supplements will maintain DMI and consequently will encourage higher overall energy consumption with fat usage. If you’re looking for more information about the best bypass fat for dairy  you can see here now.

 best bypass fat for dairy

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By-pass carbohydrates using higher C16 + several C18 is the tool to boost milk solids and volume yield reaction in the vat without costing any excess body fat reduction. Rumen bypass fats are sterile fats or "protected" fats that are refined to be readily managed and blended into all animal feeds.

Rumen Bypass Fats have high-fat content and consequently can overcome the problem of raising the cows' energy consumption without exceeding the suggested feeding amount.

Quite simply, fat is the most energy-dense feed component accessible — generating the maximum energy per g (37.7 kj/g in comparison to carb in 16.7 kj/g)

This also Contributes to the requirement for a comparatively lower amount of meals to reach the cows' necessary energy consumption to maintain calving and lactation, without surpassing the feeding limitation of a cow.

Thus the demand for rumen-bypass fats (also known as rumen-protected fats) that pass through the rumen without impacting fermentation, but may nevertheless be digested from the cow's gut.